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Showbox APK v.528 Download | Android & PC


If you love to watch various movies and TV shows but do not want to pay for it, you are at the right place! The application that I would recommend the most is none other than Show box. Show box is one of the top applications out there, loved by millions of people who enjoy entertainment in the form of movies and tv shows let it be romance, comedy , action, horror or thriller. Showbox Apk is a very popular application that can be downloaded on your various devices to be able to enjoy various kinds of Shows and movies whenever and where ever you want.

Downloading this app called show box is super simple and can be used everywhere. It is compatible with both apple that is Iphones and Ipads as well as for android phones and tablets.

In this article we will learn how to download the application’s apk for an android device.

Showbox Apk Download for Android – Latest Version!

showbox for PC, Laptop Download

Show box is a popular app that was once available even on the Google play store but later on, it was taken off the google play store due to certain rules and regulations. Google play store has a tough set of rules and regulations that strictly need to be followed by all but when some app does something that is even slightly bending the rules, they take it off the Google play store, hence even if an app is not on the google play store It is not necessarily harmful.

Showbox Apk Download for Android

An app being downloaded through the google play store definitely gives us a sense of security but there are many apps out there which even thought can’t be downloaded from the play store, still are amazing and not all of them are harmful for your device. Show box is one of them and you totally need to check it out!

Show box can be safely downloaded from its official website of which link we will provide you so let’s get started and learn to download and use the show box app for an android device.

Now, as said above, the show box app is not available on the google play store hence it is an app from an unknown source. You need to change certain settings so that your android devices allows show box to be installed.

Let us learn how to do that first of all.

  1. In your android device, search for the settings option in your menu.
  2. Click on the settings menu and then look for the ‘Personal’ sub option.
    In that you will see the option of ‘ Security’. It is the third option. Click on this security option and you will see that there is a heading called, ‘devices administration’.
  3. There will be two options you need to tick there after which you will be able to download everything,  every single app that you want on your device even if it is not available on the Google play store. Those two are : 1. Unknown sources. Ie. Allow installation of apps from unknown sources and then the 2. Verify apps. Ie. Disallow or warn before installation of apps that may cause harm.

Check on both of these and then you are ready. That was all you needed to do and now your Android device will allow you to download anything easily.

To download the Showbox Apk these are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. You can download the official apk on their official website itself.
  2. When you click on this link you will be redirected to the official website from which you can download the apk. Now there you will see the option of ‘Showbox Apk download’.
    It will again redirect you to another page from which you can download the apk . You can save time by directly clicking on this link. This is the link to that redirected page.
  3. If you have clicked on this link you will see that there is a orange colored box on which it is written ‘download show box apk.
  4. Click on this blue box and you will see that the downloading process of the apk for the show box application has begun. The downloading of the apk begins automatically when you click on that blue box so now you can just peacefully wait for the downloading process to be completed.
  5. The show box application apk is not very huge in size and hence the downloading will not take a lot of time. Within a few minutes,  depending on the speed of your Internet connection the downloading will be completed. It is just a 20mb sized apk,  that’s all.
  6. Once the downloading process has ended you can install the show box application on your Android device. You can do it in two ways.
  7. First is that you can directly click on the downloaded file and then you will get an option on which you can click on ‘install’ and then the installation of the show box application will take place.
  8. Other option is that you can go to the downloads manager on your Android device.  The download manager can be found by going through the menu of your device. You can go to that manager and then search for show box there.  Click on the show box option once you find it and then like earlier, you will get an option on which you can click on ‘install’ and then the installation of the show box application will take place.

Your downloading process as well as the installation is now complete and now you are ready to use the show box application on your Android device. Have the time of your life with all of your favorite shows and movies,  new or old it does not matter, just type the name of what you wish to see and get started. There is no limit for you now, you can have the time of your life.