Download Asphalt Overdrive Game for PC

Asphalt Overdrive is an awesome Android smartphone game which is a Racing game in the Asphalt series released on September 25,2014.It is developed by Gameloft developers who  made this crazy driving racing game.Even this game is similar to other Racing games where you have to dodge obstacles, swipe and do high jumping stunts with your car.You can also get Nitro boost speed which helps you jump through ramps in Air.It is fun and Addictive racing game with an interesting spin-off similar to famous Arcade racing games. There are lots of new missions , levels , modes, different cars to choose from.It has creative 3D graphics with awesome features and endless safari environment.This Game is not so interesting like other Asphalt series which is a bit off track in my opinion but its still a good one with amazing graphics.All races are kind of short and sweet bright races.This game is level based actually with Missions involving goals of having High speed, Not crashing and not hitting any obstacles or Cars during the race.This game is not an racing simulator game but its worth to try if your looking to play Asphalt series continuously.During the whole game you only have to change lanes, drift over cars, use nitro and complete exciting missions which seems to be boring after sometimes.This game is an absolute creation of Gameloft graphics which intended to express ’80 Miami times and scenes.It has a nice soundtrack which is very pleasant along with car sounds like drifting, racing and brakes.

Asphalt overdrive is an absolute graphic game with many amazing features to look for.Even the Game cinematic views are outstanding filled up with colorful graphics and realistic scene.It has an intense arcade racing game features which is packed together with awesome glitches.You can also outrun the cops during the game which depicts the era of ’80 in California.The environment is very outstanding which looks realistic and nice as well.To control the game you only have to use Swipe gesture to move the Car which is always accelerating throughout the game

Asphalt Overdrive Game Features -PC/Laptop and MAC OS

Asphalt overdrive is from the award winning Asphalt racing Arcade game where you tend to race through the times of Californian in old and outrun police.You will be driving through the highways of California racing at nitro speed and trying to complete in game based missions and levels.It has so many outstanding features that we can discuss now.



  • Challenge your friends through Multiplayer mode and play online with other players
  • Experience stunning visual graphics by Gameloft studios
  • You will be racing through the era of Californian in late 80′
  • Complete mission based games with many levels to complete
  • You can do high jump and stunts in Air actually
  • Collect points and unlock new Cars and boost your performance abilities
  • Controls are very easy to swipe only gesture

Download Asphalt Overdrive Game for PC/Laptop Windows XP/7/8/8.1 using Bluestacks Android Emulator

Bluestacks is an awesome Android to PC emulator which can run any android app or game on PC.So, we are going to use Bluestacks emulator to download and Install Asphalt overdrive game for PC/Laptop.


  • Firstly you will have to download Bluestacks Android PC emulator from here
  • After downloading Bluestacks Install it on your PC
  • Then search for ” Asphalt Overdrive” game in the search bar
  • Next select the game from the list and click on Install button
  • It will appear in your Menu after installation is completed
  • Click on the game and Start Racing now

Download Asphalt Overdrive Game for PC/Laptop Windows XP/7/8/8.1 Using Youwave Android Emulator

We can also run Asphalt Overdrive android game on your PC/Laptop using youwave android emulator.So I will be showing you how to download and install Asphalt Overdrive game for PC using Youwave.

  • Firstly download and Then Install youwave android PC emulator from Here
  • Nextly search for the game ” Asphalt Overdrive” using search bar
  • After that select the game and Install it
  • The Game will soon appear in your menu after installation
  • Start playing the game after it is Installed on your PC

Download Asphalt Overdrive Game for MAC OS Using Andydroid Android Emulator

Most of us do have MAC OS and we are unable to run any kind of Android app or Game on it directly.We will be using Andydroid Android  PC-MAC emulator to run any android game or app on your MAC OS.It is an dual PC and MAC that means it can work on PC and MAC desktop as well.

  • First of all you’ve got to download and Install Andydroid android emulator from here
  • Then search for ” Asphalt Overdrive” game and Clcik on Install button
  • The Game will be installed in sometime and it will appear in your Menu now
  • Start the game from your Menu and Play it
Download Asphalt Overdrive Game for PC
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