Google Fit Android App for Samsung & PC

Google Fit the application developed to measure the health of the user. It is an Health-tracking platform announced at Google I/O and developed by Google.This app takes data information from all apps installed in the device.Google Fit was officially launched on the mobile platform on October 28,2014. This application tracks the user activities and reach the fitness goals. Google Fit will be setting the goals and track the users performance the whole time till he/she reaches the goal set.User can adjust the way their performance should be shared and can delete the information at any time.Google Fit uses the sensors to track the moments made by the user.Heart bet rating will also be taken by the Google Fit by wearing the Android smart watches.

Google Fit is an interesting app were the users will be considering more towards his health.

google  fit for pc


  • Google Fit will access your walking,running and cycling activity.
  • It will set the goal as you desire and give the information collected graph
  • It shows the users fitness at one place by considering third party
  • Google Fit is an Health-tracking application
  • Uses the sensors installed in the device
  • Will give heart rate through the smartphone watch.

google fit app for android

Download Google Fit For Android:

Google Fit is best application ever the Google developed and installed on Google platform. The application which collect the information from other applications and device of the users and give him the Fitness record and the graph of his goals achieved.Google Fit is developed for the Android users more than 4.0 versions.4.0 installed android users can install Google Fit and have access to his health.

google fit app

  Steps to download Google Fit

  • Go to Google play store and search for Google Fit
  • Now click install on Google Fit from this link
  • Google play store will download Google Fit on your device
  • After completing the Installation process Google Fit icon will be placed on your Apps
  • Now , open the Google Fit app set your goal and then see your fitness graph

How to use Google Fit on your PC/Laptop:

Google Fit is also be developed for online also,were the users need to show their daily history on the PC/Laptop.Google Fit is an awesome health app developed by Google which give the clear graph and ratio of how close your goals are.

google fit android app for pc

How to use Google Fit online for PC/Laptop.

  • Firstly go to Google Fit .com form this link
  • You will see 0 minute and one hour goal
  • Cliick on the one hour goal and share your history you have down in one hour
  • After completing the history you will be shown your graph
  • User can also add his weight and heart rate values.
  • Google Fit will consider the Reading and show your goal set
  • You can set your goal for days, week for for month.
Google Fit Android App for Samsung & PC
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