Shadow Fight 2 for PC- Android App download


Shadow Fight 2 is a sequel to the famous Facebook hit with 40 million.Shadow Fight 2 is developed form the creators of vector.It is an nail-biting mix of Classic fighting and RPG.Here you need to crush your enemies, be the one close to Gate of Shadows and humiliate demo bosses.Shadow Fight 2 brings you with countless lethal weapons and armor sets.Shadow Fight 2 is developed on both Android and IOS device. Here the legendary combatant on his travel opens the Gate of Shadows to release the demons.The player here is an unarmed silhouette. Shadow Fight 2 comes with many features where the black silhouette fight in the black shadow with his gained weapons.Player need to defeat the board-guards first to defeat the main boss and collect demon seals. After collecting the demon seals you will be challenged to a special challenge mode.shadow should defeat the demons to win the challenge.

Download Shadow Fight 2 for PC

shadow fight for pc

shadow fight for pc


  • Shadow with Kick,jump,punch and slash
  • Have countless lethal weapons and rare armor set
  • Have a life like Animated Martial Arts techniques
  • Shadow Fight 2 is a journey in six different worlds
  • Can customize the fighter with swords,armor suits, nunchaku, and magical powers
  • Shadow Fight-2 got More weapons, More arms and amazing entertainment.

Download Shadow Fight 2 for Android:

Shadow Fight 2 is an amazing game.It makes the feeling as an real ninja with his special swords,nunchaku and magical powers.The black silhouette fight is an special feature of shadow.At every step you will be more attracted towards the fighting skills and will be more impressed with the shadows lethal weapons.Here we will show you how to download Shadow Fight 2 for Android

shadow for android

  • Go to Google play store and search for Shadow Fight 2
  • Click install on Shadow Fight 2 from this download link
  • Google play store will then connect with your gmail and start downloading
  • After completing the download,Shadow Fight 2 will be installed
  • Now open the Shadow Fight 2 From your Apps and start the battle

Download Shadow Fight 2 Shadow Fight 2 For IOS:

There is developed version for IOS device available at iTunes.Shadow Fight 2 with its amazing features attracts the player.It is an user friendly game were player can adjust the weapons and the armor as he wish.Shadow Fight 2 comes with Form of classic battle. We can download Shadow Fight 2 for IOS devices directly from iTunes. So, Here we will show you how to download Shadow Fight 2 for IOS.

shadow fight game download

  • Go to iTunes and search for Shadow Fight 2
  • Click download on Shadow Fight 2 from this link
  • iTunes will the download Shadow Fight 2 on your IOS device
  • After finishing the Installation process, shadow is ready for battle on your device
  • So open the Shadow Fight 2 from your Apps and start the battle

Download Shadow Fight 2 for Windows Phone:

Shadow Fight 2 the ninja shadow classic battle fight game is also available to be played on the windows phone.There is an developed version of Shadow Fight 2 to be played on the windows phone.You can directly download the Shadow Fight 2 from the website of windows phone.Here we will be showing you how to download Shadow Fight 2 for Windows Phone

download shadow fight 2

  •  Firstly go to Windows Phone main website and search for Shadow Fight 2
  • So now click install on Shadow Fight 2 from this link
  • Then will download the game on your device
  • Now you will be able to see a icon of Shadow Fight-2 on your Apps
  • Open the Shadow Fight-2 on your Windows phone and start battle
Shadow Fight 2 for PC- Android App download
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Download Showbox for Kindle Fire HD/HD7/HD6/HDX:


Showbox for Kindle Fire: Showbox app is one of the best apps that enables the users to watch movies and TV shows in HD for free. Showbox for Android and Android-based devices and not for Google-play.

Download Showbox for Kindle Fire HD/HD7/HD6/HDX

Showbox is an application that is supported on Android, PC and Apple iOS devices which are used to watch and download movies, watch TV shows live streaming in HD at free of cost. It has gained huge popularity in media in a very short span of time as it is compatible with all Android devices, PC, and Apple iPhone/iPad. Before Showbox, people were unable to watch movies and TV shows clearly in HD and hence its entry was welcomed by people within no time.

showbox kindle

Features of Showbox

Though there are other apps for watching movies like Movie Box app for Android and Apple users etc., it was accepted by people very soon for its best features. Its features include

  1. Easy to use/ user-friendly.
  2. Simple installation process.
  3. It supports all platforms.
  4. Everything is well organized in the application.
  5. Showbox can be used for free and can be used without providing any information like username, password.
  6. It allows the users to make a favorite list of movies and TV shows and can be watched or downloaded anytime.
  7. The videos can not only be watched but also can be shared with friends.
  8. The video quality can be altered according to the device compatibility.

Guys, now You can also get Showbox for pc for free

Steps to Download Showbox for Kindle Fire HD/HD7/HD6/HDX

Showbox for kindle fire can be installed by following the below-mentioned guidelines:

  1. Open the web browser and download the Showbox.apk file.
  2. Now go to the security settings on your kindle phone.
  3. There in the applications, you will fill an option called ‘Apps from unknown sources’.
  4. Enable that option in order to install your movies application.
  5. Go back to the home screen after closing the security settings.
  6. Check-out where the file is saved in the file manager.
  7. Run the file and then your Showbox App gets installed successfully.

Once the app is successfully installed you can start watching movies and TV shows live streaming in HD.

Download Showbox for Kindle Fire HD/HD7/HD6/HDX:
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Download Viber for PC/Laptop Free (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and MAC)

Download Viber for PC: Viber is an instant messaging app which is an alternative to whatsapp, wechat and other messaging apps.Viber allows you to send free messages to your friends who are in your list but it became popular for its free voice call feature. In this article we will teach you how to download Viber for PC/Laptop. In our past article we suggested to use android emulator but you dont need to use android emulator for viber to set up in your pc as viber has its own app for pc so you can download directly from viber official site.


Features of Viber

  • Viber is best alternative for instant messaging apps like whatsapp and wechat.
  • You can send unlimited messages, photos and smileys and other media files to your friends who are in your list from viber with out spending single dime.
  • You can make unlimited voice calls with viber with out paying single dime.
  • It has a user friendly interface which attracts many users.
  • Viber also offers syncing between mobile and desktop version which is also a nice feature.
  • Viber has over 135M+ monthly active users and 500M+ total registered users.

Minimum Requirements to Download Viber on PC

  • Computer or Laptop running on Windows/MAC/Linux.
  • Minimum 512 MB of RAM.
  • Some free memory space in your hard disk.
  • A valid and Active Internet connection.
  • Download and Install Viber for PC

    • Open your Browser and Visit the official site of viber Click Here.
    • You will find 3 different operating systems where viber can support.
    • Choose your Operating system and download it.
    • Then you will shown up with Get Viber Button as shown below.
    • Download .EXE file of the viber and run it to install viber on pc.
    • Now clearly follow the instructions on installing viber.
    • Congrats you can enjoy your loving messaging app on Desktop.

    I think this tutorial about download viber for pc has helped you to know the best way to install it in your pc. please let us know if you face any problems with the above process.

    Download Viber for PC/Laptop Free (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and MAC)
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    Download Candy Crush Saga Game for PC/Laptop (Windows 7/8/XP and Mac)

    Candy Crush Saga for PC: Now I wanted to teach you about the most popular android game Candy Crush Saga to set up on your PC/Laptop. This is a wonderful puzzle game where you would earn tons of points by solving the puzzle by arranging the candies which are in different colors. This game is available in Facebook, Google Play Store but what about the people who want to play this game on their PC. So I wanted to guide you how to set up this awesome puzzle game in your PC. This game is available for both Android and IOS users. It has more than 500 levels where you can have many new add-on’s for every new level which makes it interesting to stick to the game.


    Features of Candy Crush Saga Game:

    • Easy Interface and wonderful graphics which makes you to stick to the game.
    • Fun to Play and more over challenging to complete those levels.
    • More than 500 levels.
    • New items will unlock upon completing new levels.
    • Leader boards for your friends and to you as a bonus.
    • Good facebook interface which makes you feel amazing.
    • Boosters and Charms to help with challenging levels.

    Now lets move to our main guide Candy Crush Saga for PC Free Download for Windows 7/8/XP or Mac .

    Download Candy Crush Saga for PC/Mac:

    1. As I have mentioned in my previous articles you need to use android emulator to set up android apps on your PC.
    2. As I have already suggested my favorite android emulator lets choose the same one here. so download Bluestacks and install it in your PC.
    3. Open Bluestack and search for candy crush saga on the search bar of bluestack.
    4. You will find your loving app. So click on install.
    5. Wait till it download and install on your pc.
    6. Now go to bluestack and open my apps click on candy crush saga icon and start playing your loving game.
    7. I think you people would love this tutorial.

    Please comment your suggestions and feel free to ask us any doubts if you face any problem with the above guide. Don’t forget to Share this article with your friends too.

    Download Candy Crush Saga Game for PC/Laptop (Windows 7/8/XP and Mac)
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    Batman Arkham Origins for Android


    Batman Arkham Origins is a Adventure video game developed by Warner brothers.Batman Arkham Origins is the successor of the game Batman Arkham City from 2011.It was released on Oct 25,2013 through worldwide.Here is a crime lord Black mask with drawing the world’s greatest assassins to Gotham City including the Villains Joker and Anarky who take advantage of Choas as to launch the schemes of nefarious.

    The users should focus on the different skills of the Batman like stealth abilities, Batman’s combat,Detective skills, exploration and gadgets for combat. Here Batman will help the police to solve their crime scenes. Batman Arkham Origins introduces the Batman abilities and strength react virtually and allowing him to solve the crime and catch the culprit.Batman Arkham Origins has came with an new feature of Multiplayer by developing the Arkham City.

    batman arkham origins
    Batman Arkham Origins was on all multi-operating systems devices.The Batman Arkham Origins was released first for Windows and Play stations and later developed its version for mobiles by releasing its Batman Arkham Origins on Android and IOS.

    Batman Arkham Origins Game play Mode:

    Batman Arkham Origins is an stealth game tactics for open world action adventure game.Here Batman uses his grapnel gun to attach the hard edges Gotham City and extend his flight.Some of the gadgets used by the Batman in previous Arkhams series have been used similar here, which users have been practiced to it like Bat claw used for hooking , Cryptographic Sequencer used to hack security.smoke Pellets for stealthy and entrance,Batrang a thronging weapon.

    batman arkham for android

    The Batman Arkham Origins is an fast travel system which controls his plane remotely to transport him to other areas. player can use combat or stealth for traverse enemy control.with this many features and attacking features we can have amazing fun with Batman fighting and solving the crime scenes in the night.

    Download Batman Arkham Origins For Android:

    Batman Arkham Origins is a game were you can prove yourself as an Dark Knight of Gotham City.plyer faces here more difficulties as go on solve the cases.Batman Arkham Origins is an amazing mobile game which was released on 2013 for Android Device.Player can earn rewards and currency by which you can be able to become the most frighted crime fighter of the world.

    batman game for android

    Here are the steps to Download the Batman Arkham Origins to become the Dark Knight:

    • Go to Google Play and search for Batman Arkham Origins
    • Click instal Batman Arkham Origins from this download link
    • Google Play will then connect with your gmail
    • Then the Batman Arkham Origins will be downloaded and installed
    • After finishing the installing process ,it is ready to play
    • Open Batman Arkham Origins in your Apps and play

    Download Batman Arkham Origins for iPad/ iPhones:

    Here the player can prove himself as the Dark Knight of the crime Gotham city.where Batman will be solving the crimes with his extra features and the weapons. Batman Arkham Origins provides with rewards and extra points which helps to level up and solve the crime scene.

    batman arkham for iphone tablet

    Here are some steps to download Batman Arkham Origins

    • Go to iTunes and search for Batman Arkham Origins from this link
    • Click download and then iTunes will download Batman Arkham Origins on your device
    • After finishing the installation process , you will have icon of Batman Arkham Origins in your Apps.
    • So, select Batman Arkham Origins and start playing it
    Batman Arkham Origins for Android
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