JetPack JoyRide for PC – Android App Download


JetPack Joy Ride is one of the hottest game available on Google playstore for free and most importantly Halfbrick has developed it.It is from the same developer who made Fruit Ninja which was a smashing hit.Jet Pack Joy Ride the name suggest you would be riding over the steaks and skiing with wonderful jet packs through the game.Barry the rider will sky through the steaks and find his way winning awesome collectible bonus and achievements.Barry is on a adventurous journey where you need to set him on the right track and help him find his way better.I would say Halfbrick’s most wonderful and anticipated game would be this and not even fruit ninja.

joyride for pc It is quite and simple game which added high end graphics making it still better to play and enjoyable.You have to fly high and higher firing bullets, bubbles and beating all the evildoer on to the floor.You will be given the legendary machine gun to scatter and kill the evil scientist.
Find the best Jetpack you can and dress with an awesome outfit and get ready to enjoy the ride.You can collect coins in the game and many in game achievements which can later get you news gear and stuff.You will find many features in the game like stompers and teleporting machine.

JetPack Joy Rider Game Features

JetPack JoyRide is an awesome, simple and easy to plain game which is released for major mobile operating platforms like Android and IOS.It has got some of the amazing features which will take you on ride of enjoyment and excitement too.

joyride for windows 7


  • Very easy to install and more easier to Play
  • Graphics is well determined and players would love this
  • You can purchase bonus, inventory and more abilities using real money too
  • Collect coins and many more in game achievements
  • Use collected coins to buy new gears like Jet Packs, Rides and costume
  • Cool game features like teleporting machines, rides, Stomper and many more to enjoy
  • Get funky and start playing the game

Download JetPack JoyRider Game For Android OS ( KitKat,JellyBean and Lollipop)

JetPack Joy Ride is way better than fruit ninja and has been a real hit after being released for Android versions.Yes, JetPack is also released for Android operating system and has been released for most of the versions of this OS.I will be showing you how to download JetPack JoyRide game for Android OS.

joyride for laptop

  • Go to Google Playstore app section from here
  • Then search for ” Jet Pack Joy Ride” game in the search bar
  • Next download the selected game and later install it on your Android device
  • Now start playing the funky game on your Android smartphone and Tablet

Download JetPack JoyRide Game For IOS Devices ( Iphone , Ipad, Iphone 6 and Ipad Mini)

JetPack JoyRide is a game where you have to go on a mission leading Barry to his heights beating the evil lords scientist.You can shoot bullets, waves, use gun machines and many more in the game itself.It is also released for IOS devices.SO, you can play this awesome game on your Iphone and Ipad too.You can follow this guide on How to download JetPack JoyRide for IOS devices.


  • You have to go to Itunes app section from here
  • Then search for ” JetPack JoyRide ” game using the search bar
  • Download it from and later install it on your IOS device
  • Now you can start playing the game on any of your IOS device easily

Download JetPack JoyRide game On Windows Phone OS

Do you want to know how you can download the awesome funky game JetPack JoyRide game on your Windows phone device.Then I will be showing you a guide on how you can download and install it on any of your windows phone device.

joyride for windows 8

  • Firstly you need to go Windows Phone apps section area
  • After that Search for the game ” JetPack JoyRide” in the given search bar
  • Next download the selected game and install it on your Windows Phone
  • After installing you can start playing the game  now

If you have any problems with the process we have shown.You can please leave your feedback in the comments.We will reach your comments ASAP and answer them.

JetPack JoyRide for PC – Android App Download
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Sky Force 2014 For Android – Free Download


Sky force is  Arcade game which is developed by Infinite Dreams group.It has grown to a very extent and millions of users have downloaded this awesome game on Android and IOS platforms.Sky force allows you to have the power of from sky shooting and revamping the battle again.It is similar to a shooter game but considerably better than it.Now after 10 years Sky Force has been released again for Mobile gaming and its better than ever now.You can have many scenarios and conditions to play the shooting game.Evey new missions bring more excitement to you as it better and badder too.Every game need to have some boss battle but you have more than enough Boss battle in this arcade shooting game.

sky force for pc download

Sky Force the word indicates  that the force from sky which means you need to fight through Sky and go high.You can make use of different missiles, Guns, magnets and even upgrade them to power up yourself.The main moral of the game is that you have to save the Civilian by shooting the opponents with your Guns and technology.You can play this game against your fiends throng online and compete in weekly tournaments and win amazing bonus.

If you love to play shooting game then you really need to have this awesome Arcade shooting game ever.It is consider to be the bets shooting game of year 2014.Seemingly Sky Force 2014 is something better to watch.

Sky Force 2014 Features

skyforce 2014 android game

Sky Force 2014 is a total new game where you need to save the lives of Civilians by gunning down your enemies with your high end technology.the game graphics are really brilliant and it gives you kind of realistic features.So, we are now going to discuss some of the features of Sky Force 2014.


  • Every mission it something new with beautiful levels to complete
  • High end graphics giving you realistic features
  • Booming audio and sound giving the physical activity of the game
  • Extremely hard boss missions but really enjoyable
  • Guns ,Shied, Missiles, Magnets can also be upgraded
  • You just have to save the civilians
  • Make in game achievements and increase your score
  • Save your falling opponents from sky and receive some extra bonus
  • Easy to install and Play

We have now discussed the amazing features of Sky Force 2014.SO, I will be hoping that you will like this Arcade shooting game which has created a sensation now.

Download Sky Force 2014 For Android OS ( KitKat, JellyBean and Lollipop )

Sky Force is a brilliant strategic game where you can have in game achievements even for saving your opponents from falling sky.It is also released for Android operating system and you can download this game for different Android OS.I will be showing you how you can download Sky Force 2014 for Android OS.
download skyforce

  • Firstly You have to go to Google Playstore
  • After tat search for ” Sky Force 2014″ in search box
  • Now select the game and inst gall it on your device after downloading ( need to connect your device if using PC)
  • After installing the game click on ti and start playing the best shooting game ever

Download Sky Force 2014 game for IOS ( Iphone,Ipad and Iphone 6,6Plus)

Sky Force 2014 Arcade  game is real heroic game where you get the power to strike from sky high and saves people.In this short guide i will be showing you ” How to download and install Sky Force 2014 game on IOS devices.

skyforce for iphone

  • You need to go to Itunes app section from Here
  • Next search for game ” Sky Force 2014″ using the search bar given
  • After that select  the game from given results and download it
  • Later install the game on your IOS device whether it is phone or Ipad
  • After installing it will appear in Menu
  • Now click on game icon and start playing it.
Sky Force 2014 For Android – Free Download
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Cars: Fast as Lightning Android Game


Cars: Fast as Lightning is the fastest racing game which attracts the users towards it. Cars: Fast as Lightning is an similar game like Disney infinity and City ville were users can customize and get extra accessories by earning the points.User gains more accessories as he completes each level by winning the race. Cars: Fast as Lightning has came with many no.of cars which have their own tracks which will be unlocked by wining the race.Player will be awarded with stickers for wining race.As we play the City ville here the player can construct his own building that further produce additional gold.The best part of Cars: Fast as Lightning is the player can create his own racing track by joining small pieces. There are total 20 playable characters in the game.As the game starts by unlocking the first character Todd Marcus.Further the character will be unlocked by player completing the races and wining the points

cars fasr as lighthing for android


Cars: Fast as Lightning is an amazing racing game with more than 20 character
The player can design his own track with track pieces
Can build your own radiation spring
Cars: Fast as Lightning makes the player comfort by creating his own building and town
Player gets experience points which used to level up
Make the feel of driving a real car
Play high quality amazing voice with animated cutscenes

car raching for android

Download Cars: Fast as Lightning For Android

Cars: Fast as Lightning is an best racing game which gives the real experience of racing.Th e player will be able to build hi sown Radiation spring.Cars: Fast as Lightning is an completely customize racing game with 3D track performance. The high quality of voice and the boost sound of the engine will make the player crazy to play it. Cars: Fast as Lightning is an very lovable game with real effects.
Here we will show you the steps to download Cars: Fast as Lightning for Android:

download cars fast lightning

  • Go to Google Play and search for Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • Click instal for Cars: Fast as Lightning from this download link
  • Google Play then connect your gmail of your Android device
  • Now the Downloading process will be down
  • After completing the installation process ,you have a icon of Cars: Fast as Lightning in your Apps
  • Open the Apps and start enjoying the racing

Download Cars: Fast as Lightning For IOS:

Cars: Fast as Lightning the game of Lightning McQueen racing car in the town of Radiator sporing.This game has developed its version for IOS device also. The fastest racing car game which makes the player get interested on it. so here are some steps to download Cars: Fast as Lightning for IOS devices

cars fasr as lighthing

  • Firstly Go to iTunes and search for Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • Then select Cars: Fast as Lightning and click download from this link
  • iTunes then will download the selected game on your device
  • Now open the Cars: Fast as Lightning on your IOS device and start playing it.

Download Cars: Fast as Lightning for Windows Phone:

So here is the developed version of Cars: Fast as Lightning the Lightning McQueen car racing game for Windows Phone.The Cars: Fast is an amazing racing game which is developed on an user friendly interface. Here the player will have every possibilities of designing the track, building and town as he thinks. With the new features Cars: Fast as Lightning provides an best platform for entertainment. Now, here are the steps to be followed to download Cars: Fast as Lightning on your Windows Phone
download cars fast lightning for android

  • Go to Windows Phones and search for Cars: Fast as Lightning
  • Now Click on the install from this download link
  • Then will download and install the game on your device
  • After completing the process,you can start playing it
  • That’s it open the Cars: Fast as Lightning game and start Racing.
Cars: Fast as Lightning Android Game
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Jungle Heat for PC – Download Andorid Apk


Video games have become time pass for everyone and not limited by the age difference, games are being played by people of different ages. Games provide better refreshment from the whole busy life and will provide all new refreshment. Numerous games are there in the list which will have different graphics included and ambitiously interesting background music and attractive characters.

Recently a new game has been introduced into the market with the title “Jungle Heat”. It is a free cross-platform war game which can be played on any device like smartphones or PCs and even on social network.




Brutal battles, military bases, wild jungles, will be the background for this game and they are designed with beautiful graphics, weapons, forces, and buildings. These features delight the battle game fans.

The game is simple to play and the player can learn it in a single day of few hours of game plays which indeed consists of thrilling and challenging experience. The player has to show the best skills to win battles and become the king of the jungle.

The tropics full of oil and gold are under the onslaught of General Blood. The task of the player is to free the native riches, to rip them out of the hands of the marauders and claim them for themselves.

The players can create their own territory, weapons, army members using the features and player has to lead the army and should provide proper training on defense and affective attacks and techniques to make the army best for defeating the oppressors.

Players can attack blindly or take revenge on their oppressors. They have to assemble an army of heroes, whose varying capabilities can change the course of battle.

Its best background music and features make the game to be played for hours which will not let the players to quit the game. Each battle will have unique techniques.

Its vibrant animated graphics, addictive gameplay and opportunities to compete will keep the players entertained.

Getting to the top among the peers and ranking first will grab prizes and generous rewards for the active players. It can be played as a single or you can choose other players to compete. It provides addictive game play and opportunities to compete against your friends that will keep the players entertained every time.

How to Download the Game:

Game can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play and can be played on IPad, IPhone, and other IOs and Android devices.

First the interested player must download BlueStacks which is an Emulator on to the Windows PC and then use its search tool to find the Jungle Heat game. Then download the game once you found it and install the game and start with an unending journey.

If the players want to continue the game on another device or social network, one thing the player has to do is just go to the settings section of the game, select “other device” and just follow the instructions.

Jungle Heat for PC – Download Andorid Apk
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Download Underworld Empire for PC/Laptop

Underworld Empire for Laptop: If you wish to get into the game completely which you’re going to play next then Role Playing games are the one you should be looking for next. Don’t worry about going for the search as I’m sharing one with you which is extremely good at almost everything. Game name is Underworld Empire and here I’ll be sharing its features then installation guide for iOS, Android devices and then a complete step by step guide on how to download Underworld Empire for PC in case if you don’t have any compatible device. Note it down, playing this game on computer is definitely going to be awesome since you’ll be getting it on bigger screen with your favorite mouse and keyboard.

So this is going to be a complete guide for this game and you should be going through this till the end. Within few minutes of time you’ll know all about this game and also going to play it somehow (either on Android or iOS device or on PC or laptop). So first I’m starting with features of this game and at any point if you face any issues or want to know something then do write it down in the comment section to let me know your problem and then help you out.

Features of Underworld Empire game

  • Its developed by a well known developer name Kabam so you can expect lots of better things within.
  • It got full HD standard of graphics and each animation matches with sound tracks being played in background.
  • There are over 1000 different things and elements in the game which you need to interact with.
  • Your main task is to create your own city and use different weapons and your team mates to fight against the evils.
  • The deadly bosses and terrorists are all there around you and you need to fight and kill them all.

Underworld Empire for iOS Device

To get this game installed on your iPhone or iPad, you need to follow below mentioned URL as it is using the default web browser app of your iOS device.

Underworld Empire for Android Device

To get this game installed on your Android running smartphone or tablet, you need to follow below mentioned URL as it is using the default web browser app of your Android device.

Steps to Download Underworld Empire for PC

In order to do the installation of this game on your computer you simply need to follow the steps mentioned down here as it is. But don’t try these steps unless you’re aware whether your computer is running on latest version of graphics driver.

  1. Just download BlueStacks software on your computer first which is available for free over here. It’s a trusted software which got millions of users.
  2. Next thing to do is to double click on installer file you have of BlueStacks and then complete the installation by following on screen instructions as it is.
  3. Once BlueStacks is ready then start using its search tool to find out Underworld Empire Android game.
  4. At last click on install option ahead of the game listing you found in search result and then the installation will begin.

This is done and now I hope you are done with the installation process. Rest of the thing will happen automatically and you need not to worry about them. I hope you end up this guide with sharing it with your friends so that they can also come to know about this superb game.

Download Underworld Empire for PC/Laptop
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