WeChat for PC/Laptop Free Download 2014(Windows 7, XP, 8 and MAC)

Download WeChat for PC: WeChat is the second most popular message app after the Whatsapp. This amazing app has many features apart from messaging. It provides Voice messaging and Video Calling which made popular among android apps. WeChat is trying to dominate the app world after Whatsapp. So many people want to use this amazing app which is an alternative to BBM and Whatsapp in their PC. Even though WeChat team not announced “Wechat for PC” we took some special interest to write tutorial guide about How to Download and Install WeChat for PC/Laptop.


WeChat and Its Features:

WeChat is a instant messaging app developed by Tencent Technologies. This wonderful android app offers free messaging, group messages, mutilmedia sharing, voice calls, video messages and many more wonderful features to attract as many as users day by day to reach the top of the android market. WeChat is trying to compete with Whatsapp. With a valid internet connection you can access this wonderful android app in your android device and you can enjoy the wonderful features offered by this amazing app. WeChat has a wonderful and smooth interface to use which attracts many users even though they are new to WeChat app.

WeChat has large number of users around the world and it supports more than 20 languages and more than 250+ Million users are enjoying this wonderful app features around the world. WeChat is coming up with other new and creative features regarding voice calls and video messages to grab the android market as soon as possible. Lets see how WeChat will take care of the android app market.

Download WeChat for PC/Laptop (Windows 7,XP,8 and MAC)

  • Download any Android Emulator software to your PC.
  • I suggest to Download Bluestacks as it is my favorite android emulator software, so download Bluestack to your pc to set up WeChat for PC.
  • I know many people will face the problem while installing Bluestack on their PC. So Please Fix the Graphic Card Error.
  • After fixing the problem with Bluestack install the Bluestack properly.
  • After installing Bluestack open it and type WeChat on the search bar of the BlueStack.
  • You will find your loving app to use in PC.
  • Click install button and it will be downloaded and installed through bluestack so you are ready to use your loving app.
  • After the installation just go to home and click on the WeChat icon which is a short cut to WeChat app.
  • Configure the WeChat app on your pc and enjoy it.

I think you people would love this tutorial and if you face any problems in performing above steps to install WeChat for PC please feel free to comment and we will help you.

Download BBM for PC and Laptop
WeChat for PC/Laptop Free Download 2014(Windows 7, XP, 8 and MAC)
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RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing Android Game


Re-Volt is a radio racing themed video game.Here we have separate pre-installed 42 cars aside from the demo.every car used in the race have their rating on there Amateur, Advanced, Rookie, Semi- pro.When the game begin Rookie car are available first for racing. This are the only cars used for demos.Amateur are the second step cars which have to be unlocked by winning the championship. So their are different levels to be crossed to use the cars.Here cars area also divided in to some classes like Glow, electric and special.this classes are only used for special effects in sound during driving.Classes of cars doesn’t effect any deriving abilities.So player have to unlock the cars and also the new amazing tracks by wining the championship of each level.Tracks are being of different types like easy,medium hard and extreme. Wining the race depend on the track you select.

revolt for android


  • RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing have got 42 Pre-installed radio racing cars
  • There are five different ways to play the game.
  • Designed for fast racing twitch and ultimate control over the vehicle
  • You have got Global ranking at each track
  • 14 race tracks with interesting obstacles and roads
  • have got three classes for control of sound track

download revolt for android

Download RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing for Android

So here is the best racing game with more than 42 levels and many different tracks.the new classic feature of Re-Volt have came with amazing features. Players need to unlock the each level by wining the ranks and come to wish for driving his dream car.RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing have many series of awesome cars which only be unlocked by completing the levels. Now we will show you the steps to download RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing on your android smartphone

  • Go to Google Play store and search for RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing game
  • Then select instal RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing from this link
  • Google Ply will then link with your gmail and download game on your device
  • After completing the installation, you have got an icon of  RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing in your Apps
  • Open the RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing from your Apps and strat racing.

Download RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing for IOS

RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing have developed its IOS version in past only. This is an awesome racing game which feels the users as real racing. It gives the desire to the player to unlock the level to drive the amazing brand new cars.Here are the steps to Download RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing on your IOS device

revolt apk

  • Go to iTunes and search for RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing
  • Click Instal from this download link
  • iTunes will download and instal RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing on your device
  • Open the RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing from your Apps and start racing

Download RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing For windows

This is the legend of classic racing game which was first released for windows in 19th Era.  RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing is the most amazing and interesting car game. When played on bug screen we have got bets experience ever had.RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing make the player to feel to drive as a real car. It has got the most amazing cars. so here are the steps to download RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing for Windows

download revolt android apk

  • Go to Downloads.info and search for RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing
  • Then click download RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing form this link
  • Then RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing will be downloaded on your device
  • That’s now run the program and instal RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing on your PC
  • Now,open the RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing and start racing on big screen
RE-VOLT Classic – 3D Racing Android Game
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How to Root an Android Phone/Tablet in 2014 with Easy Working Method

Hey Folks today we are going to discuss about a very easy but important topic “How to root any android device”. Majority of Peoples thinks its very difficult to root android device but its very easy .The important things to be careful while rooting your device its recommended to root your device properly otherwise your device will be nothing more than a brick and it also void your manufacturing warranty. So there will be some questions in your mind what is rooting, what is the benefit of rooting, what about my device warranty. But don’t worry i will cover all your queries in this article.


What is Rooting?

Rooting your android device provides you root access of your device from which you can get over all the restrictions of you device which your device manufacturer applied.You can increase device speed performance, customize your device more easily and many more.If we say in technical terms Rooting involves taking back up of your current software and after that Flashing/installing a new Custom ROM (modified version of Android).

What are the benefits of Rooting?

  • Better backups  – Titanium Backup is one of the most popular backup apps used by rooters, Titanium Backup can also be used to backup your user data, from SMS messages to browser bookmarks. Recovery can only be accessed before booting into Android, his makes ClockworkMod Recovery an essential tool for those looking to install custom versions of Android.


  • Block Ads – Ads can also get in the way and use up data. If you want to block ads in certain apps or on certain devices AdFree, AdBlock Plus, and Ad Away are all great options.
  • Flash a Custom Kernel – Android’s most under-the-hood tweaks require a custom kernel, which you can only flash with a rooted device which means a custom kernel can give you better performance, battery life, and even extra features like Wi-Fi tethering. 
  • Administrator privileged apps – Rooting is sometimes criticized for compromising handset security, These apps can also be granted permissions that aren’t available on unrooted devices, such as access to GPS data even when the device is locked. 
  • Flash a Custom ROM – A custom ROM is basically a custom version of Android, and it truly changes how you use your phone Still, it requires freeing your device from manufacturer lockdowns, so we’ve kept it in the list despite this technicality.

How to Root your Android Device

So guys lets start i am gonna use Unlock-Root Tool to root android device i have selected this tool because you can root almost all device from this tool.This is a step by step tutorial to Root you android device.


Important thing:-Before starting this procedure get your device USB cable and enable USB debugging in your device by navigating Settings >> Applications >> Development >> USB Debugging.

Root Your Device From Unlock-Root:

1.)First and foremost Download Unlock-root Software(Download link). There will 3 variants, download the free one.

2.)After downloading it.Install the e unlock-root tool in your Computer.

3.)Run the executable(.exe) File.

4.)Now download and install your device drivers on your Computer.

5.)Connect your android device to the computer using USB cable.

6.)Now run the Unlock-root Software and click on the “root” button.

7.)Now you will be seeing List of all supported device.

8.)Select your android device from the list displayed.

9.)Now start the rooting of your device and it will take some time so keep patience.

10.)When your device is rooted you will receive a confirmation message.

11.)Now Remove the USB cable to disconnect it from Computer.

12.)Just simply reboot your device and you are done (it will take couple of minutes to be restarted).

That’s it guys you have successfully rooted you android device.You can root any device listed in unlock-root list with the same procedure.

How to Root an Android Phone/Tablet in 2014 with Easy Working Method
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Steps to Download & Install BBM for PC


BBM for PC

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is nothing but a proprietary Internet-based instant messenger and video telephony application. It was formerly known as Research in Motion Limited (RIM) and developed by the manufacturer of the BlackBerry, BlackBerry Limited. Not much time went when it was released for Android a few days ago. You can follow the tutorial to install BBM on your PC and enjoy browsing. There are mainly 3 ways to install BBM for PC:

  1. How to install and use BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) on PC.
  2. How To Install And Use BBM On PC Using Genymotion.
  3. How To Install And Use BBM On PC Using Bluestacks.
  • Download BBM for PC

How to install and use BBM for PC

For this, you will need Android SDK and BBM APK. Download and extract both android SDK and BBM APK.

Instructions to Set up BBM

  1. Firstly, go to the extracted adt-bundle folder. For that, open SDK Manager.exe and in the opened tool, select Tools> Manage AVDs.
  2. After that, you need to create a new Android Virtual Device with RAM greater than 512 MB and start the created Virtual Device.
  3. Then, copy the downloaded BBM.APK file to path [Extracted Folder]/sdk/platform-tools/
    such that the file should be like /sdk/platform-tools/BBM.APK and move to the folder /sdk/platform-tools/ using file explorer.
  4. After that, go to select File->Open Command Prompt within the platform-tools folder (for windows 8).
  5. Press and hold the Shiftkey and right click on the platform-tools folder and click on Open Command Window (for windows 7).
  6. Enter into the command in the command prompt and write the following command in it.
  7. install BBM.APK.
  8. After that, wait for some minutes and you will find BBM installing in your Virtual Device. After doing this, you have to open the BlackBerry Messenger application from the App launcher.

How to install and Use BBM on PC Using Genymotion

For this, you will need Genymotion Android Emulator with virtualbox. So download that first.

Instructions to Set up BBM

  1. First open Genymotion Emulator and sign in to the Genymotion cloud and select the virtual device named ‘Galaxy S4 HTC One Xperia Z – 4.2.2 – with Google Apps – API 17 – 1080×1920′ since BBM works only with this virtual device.
  2. The virtual device will be started after downloading the virtual device click on the play icon.
  3. Click on the Google Play store and download the BBM.
  4. When the downloading is complete, click on the BBM app and sign in to your BBM account.
  5. Now you are done with installation, start using your BBM on PC.

How to install and Use BBM on PC Using Bluestacks

For this, you will need Bluestacks and BBM APK. So download and extract both.

Instructions to Set up BBM

  1. At first, download and install Bluestacks and then open the BBM APK which was previously downloaded.
  2. Open the BBM from the Bluestacks app launcher when the BBM APK is installed in the Bluestacks.
  3. You are now done just sign in to the BBM account and start using BBM for PC.

Features of Blackberry Messenger (BBM) for PC

  • It is completely free to download and has all features of a common messaging app.
  • The application of BBM is always on for undisturbed communication with everyone. It gives you the status of delivering your message and the time when your message was read by the recipient.
  • It doesn’t use your phone number to provide special privacy, rather uses BBM Pin to enjoy secure communication. You can select the person of your choice thus removing unwanted ones and hence they can’t message you.
Steps to Download & Install BBM for PC
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Download Instagram for PC/Laptop (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and Mac)

Download Instagram for PC: Instagram is one of the most popular android app which can dominates even social media. Intagram is photo sharing platform which was owned by Facebook, Inc. and many celebrities use Instagram after Twitter and Facebook to connect with their fans and followers. Thats how this wonderful photosharing app became very popular on the android market. I want to teach you the easy tips to get this wonderful app on your pc with my tutorial Download Instagram for PC.


Features of Instagram:

  • You can share unlimited photos on this wonderful photo sharing app.
  • Recently they have launched video sharing feature.
  • It has more than 100M active users.
  • It has wonderful photo editing affects to give a new look mode of your old pics.
  • It has amazing photo filters to create a clear picture to share with your friends.
  • You can share photos with all social networking sites instantly with instagram.
  • It has smooth and user friendly interface to attract more number of users daily.

How to Download Instagram for PC

  • You need to have and third party app like an android emulator to run this wonderful app on your pc.
  • I suggest you to download Bluestack offline installer.
  • After installing bluestack on your pc properly open it run it.
  • You have to search for instagram on the search bar of the bluestack.
  • After finding your loving app click on the install button to download.
  • After downloading and installation process will take some time and wait till it completes installation successfully.
  • Now you will find the shortcut of the instagram on bluestacks dashboard .
  • open it and share your photos from pc.

I think this tutorial may help you alot and please let us know if you have any problem with above procedure while installing.

Download Instagram for PC/Laptop (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and Mac)
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