Shazam App for Android, iPhone – Music Player


SHAZAM is an App for Smartphones or Mac devices which is beat known for music identification.Shazam is the best App to identify the TV and music in seconds. Shazam App  has an paid app called Shazam Encore and free app called Shazam. firstly Shazam app was developed for the TV users in the US to identify the music.In February 2014 app was developed for App for the smartphones.Shazam App have some new features like Access to music videos,Lyrics viewing options,unique recommendations,Improved biographic and some more additional TV features.The only thing is here user should do is Just starts his journey with Shazam ans the Shazam app will record the readings for only some seconds.Shazam App will send information like artist,album and track played with the years released and also the online link to download.

More over you can share your discovered videos on YouTube and can also share your discovers on Facebook,twitter, whats app.

Download Shazam for Pc



  • Shazam is best App to identify the music and TV in seconds.
  • After recording for second it gives name of artist,album released
  • Sahzam also give the download link for the track your search.
  • Sing along with the beat with real time lyrics
  • Can listen to full tracks with Rdio,Spotify or Deezer
  • Shazam save your data to watch again and share with your friendsshazam for android

 Download Shazam App for Android

Shazam is the Awesome app to identify the music and TV in seconds.Shazam provides you with the name of any songs and the music or video your watching.It is an best app first developed for known the songs name from TV in the Us and later developed its version for Android.Were the users just need to start his journey with Shazam and make Shazam to listen to the songs or video the name or album you want to know.Here the steps to download to Shazam For Android

shazam for iphone

  • Go to Google Play store and search for Shazam
  • Click install on Shazam from this link
  • Google play will then download and install Shazam on your android device
  • After completing the installation process you can now open Shazam
  • Open Shazam form your Apps and start your journey

Download Shazam App For IOS

Shazam is an best app were the user can identify the Songs name and full songs even by listing its lyrics.It just connect with the internet and present you with the full song you started the Shazam journey.through. Shazam user can share the video or songs that they have discovered through Shazam.Here are the steps to download Shazam App for IOS device.

shazam download

  • Go to iTunes and search for Shazam App
  • Click install on Shazam App form this link
  • iTunes will then download Install Shazam App on your IOS device
  • After completing the install process, you will have Shazam App on your Apps
  • Open the Shazam App and search for the song you want to discover.

Download Shazam App for Windows Phone

Shazam App can also be download on the Windows Phone as we have got the developed version for Windows Phone from the official website of windows.Shazam App can be well used in windows with fast access.Here user will discover the new hot songs or video and can share with Facebook ,twitter or Whatsapp.Here you can save your discover songs to share with your friends.

shazam windows app

  • Go to Windows Phone official website and search for Shazam App
  • Click install on Shazam App from this link
  • Windows will then download and install on your Device
  • Now open Shazam App from your Apps and start your Shazam journey
Shazam App for Android, iPhone – Music Player
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Benji Bananas Adventures for Android


Benji Bananas is adventures game of action with full fun. Benji Bananas is designed with full graphics and excellent music which is also best suitable for children. It is an fun and exciting physics based adventure game. It fly’s from vine to vine with clearly watching out with dangerous. Here by earning the upgrades, special and power ups. Benji Banana is amazing game for PC and MAC and in Android smartphones. Unlike the Past Benji Banana you will have here a good platform that happen to late and objectives to meet them.  This is an best game where you will be getting the best gaming experiences.

benji for pc


  • Fun physical based game
  • Beautiful hand drawn and cartoon like graphics
  • Absolutely gorgeous jungle landscapes, waterfalls,jungle,Hills etc
  • It makes to feel the joy of flying in jungle
  • collect fruits like chilis and banana to upgrade your level
  • unlocking special powers like speed boost, eagle, jetpack
  • ninja costume and gas mask

benji adventures for pc

Download Benji Bananas Adventures for Android

This is the best banana game which provides us the physical experience of climbing the trees from vein to vein.Benji bananas adventures is an full time fun game with best graphics in fruits like banana and chilis.We have got an released version of Adventure of Benji Banana for the Android. Here we will be showing some few steps to download Benji Banana Adventures on your Android smartphone.benji adventures for android

  • Firstly go to Google play store and search for Benji Banana Adventure game
  • Click on instal then Google will download the game on your device from this link
  • Google play will link with your gmail and instal the game on your device
  • Open the Benji Banana Adventure on your smartphone and start using it

Download Benji Banana Adventure For IOS

Benji Banana  Has developed its quality and introduced an new version as Benji Banana Adventure for us.It has developed its version for IOS also.Playing banana game on our IOS device makes us feel better.Benji banana Adventure is an adventures game with amazing fun and suitable for children.We will be showin gyour how to download the Benji Banana Adventure on your IOS devicebenji adventures for iphone

  •  Go to iTunes and search for Benji Banana Adventure game
  • Select the Benji banana Adventure and click download form this link
  • iTunes will then download and install this game on your IOS device
  • Open the Benji Banana Adventure icon on your App
  • start enjoying the game now

Download Benji Banana Adventure For PC/ Laptop Using Bluestacks:

Benji banana Adventure is not available for the windows directly we cannot download the Benji banana adventure on our PC / Laptop.But through Bluestacks Android PC Emulator we can be able to play the game.This emulator will help us to download the Benji Banana adventure and play on our PC / Laptop. here we will show you how to download Benji banana adventure on your PC / Laptop for any windows version.
download benji adventures for pc

  • Download Bluestacks Android PC Emulator
  • Search for Benji banana adventure from the Bluestacks
  • Then click instal, Bluestacks will instal the Benji banana Adventure on your windows
  • Search for Benji Banana Adventure in My App on Bluestacks
  • Open the Benji banana Adventure game and start playing it
Benji Bananas Adventures for Android
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Download Line for PC/Laptop for Free 2014 (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and MAC)

Line for PC: Line is a free application that allows you to send and receive unlimited free text messages and do free calls using a working internet connection. Line is available for Mobiles as well as PC Computers. To start usingLine for PC, you must need to have it first on your mobile. If you are already using Line on Mobile, then follow our step by step method on How to Download Line for PC.


Line is officially available for PC Computers. So you don’t need to download any third party Android Emulators or software to get Line on PC Computer. All you need to do is download the installation package according to your operating system, connect it with your mobile number and start using it.

How to Download Line for PC

  • Download Line for PC installation software from below links.                                                                  Window | MAC
  • After downloading install it on your PC.
  • Sign up with your email id and password.
  • Start chating with your friends and family memebers and enjoy line for pc.

It is as simple as that. We hope you liked our easy tutorial to Download Line for PC. If you have any questions/queries about it, then do let us know by commenting below. We will be really happy to help you.

Download Line for PC/Laptop for Free 2014 (Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and MAC)
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Guide – Run Telegram Android App in PC

Telegram for PC :At present modern world Messaging apps are getting a new revolution. There are tons of messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Kik messenger, Hike, WeChat, BBM and list goes on. Telegrame is one among them and available for free on all Mobile platform such as Android, iOS, Windows. Telegram is a messaging service combining the speed of WhatsApp with Snapchat’s ephemerality and advanced new security measures uses your phone’s internet connection to send and receive messages, pictures, audio, video. You can send an unlimited amount of messages, photos, videos and files of any type (.doc, .zip, .pdf, etc.).

Telegram has cloud based messaging system. That means all your messages and contents are backed up in Telegram’s server. Due to this feature they have also created the desktop client for Windows and Linux. It works same as the mobile application. It is also simple and easy to use. It works on Windows XP, 7 and 8 also. Works in Windows 8.1 too.Before going to install it on your Laptop/Pc You have to register for Telegram by installing it on your Android or iOS device. After you install and register, you can install Telegram for PC too and both will work simultaneously.
Download BBM for PC/Laptop

Features of Telegram on PC/Laptop

  • Telegram is a fast messaging app and secured and free.
  • By using telegram app you can create a group chat up to 200 people you can stay on connect.
  • You can share videos up to 1GB much higher as compare to other messaging apps and able to send multiple photos from web and forword any video you received.
  • Directly available for PC/Laptop.
  • Elegant and easy user interface
                                                    Download Telegram for PC/Laptop

Download Telegram for PC/ Laptop (Windows 7/8/8.1/Xp/vista)

Telegram is officially available for all PC platform so you don’t need any external software or emulator like Bluestrack to run this app  Telegram is available for MAC OSX and Linux (32 & 64 bit).  Just follow below instruction to download and use Telegram on your PC or Laptop.
1. Visit Telegram Official site to download it for Computer Telegram for pc
2. Download the file by clicking above link.
3.Open that file and install it properly on your Laptop/Pc.
4.Now open the Telegram App using the shortcut from your desktop.
5.Click “Start Messaging”.
6.If you are using it first time you have to setup your Profile First before using it are haveing          telegram account continue with that number
7. Select your country and enter your phone number .
8. It will send you PIN code on your phone for verification. Enter that pin.
9. Now you can see all your contacts and chats if you are using Telegram before.

Download Opera Mini for PC/Laptop


I think you people would love the above tutorial and if you face any problem with the above steps please let me know with your comments and I will help to solve them.
Guide – Run Telegram Android App in PC
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Fring for Android Free Download


Fring is an free messaging app with free calling and video chat. It is a platform of peer to peer mobile based telephopy network. Fring was released on the mobile platform of Android ,IOS and Symbian. Fring also developed its version on Blackberry OS and Windows Mobile but this versions are yet developed compared to android. In the Symbian mobile platform firng is the first app to give free video calling. Fring is first developed from Isreal then all around the world. It works with 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi connections.Fring consumes less space, battery and network requirements. Using Fring we can peers by voice, video, instant messaging. Voice and Video calling with Fring to other Fring is free of cost and calling rate will be applicable to other landlines through the account system based called Fring-out.



  • Fring is an free call, video and text app
  • Fring uses less memory space and network requirement
  • Fring makes Calls to be of free of cost to other Fring user
  • Fring can also transfer files, Live texting.
  • Fring gives us chance of group video conference
  • We can have group chat with 4 at single time

 Download Fring Free Calls , Video & Text on Android:

Fring is the best Video calling and voice calling app ,It has released it version for the android smartphones. Fring is best known for its voice calling and video calling with free of cost. It is the best which was downloaded by many of the Android users. You can download the Fring calling, texting app directly from the Googleplay store. Fring uses the registration as phone number else of username or password. Almost all call and messages are free here. We can save money with Fring. Here we will be showing few steps how to download the Fring on Android fring download

  • Go to Google play store and search forFring Free Calls, Video & Text
  • Click install and download the app on your smartphone from this download link
  • Google play store with your gmail Download the Fring on your device
  • It will instal and place an icon in your apps
  • Open the Fring and register to use it

Download Fring for IOS and MAC:

Fring with releasing its version for Android it also released its version for IOS. So, we can download the Fring Free Calls, Video & Text app on your IOS device through iTunes. Fring has being downloaded by many users as it is free and makes the User friendly tasks. To download the Fring app on your IOS And MAC device you just need to follow some few steps.
fring for iphone

  • Firstly Go to iTunes and search for Fring app form this link
  • Then select download and instal Fring app on your IOS device
  • That’s it , Fring Free Calls, Video & Text is ready to be used on your device
  • Now open the Fring and register with your number.

Download Fring for PC/ Laptop using Bluestacks:

There is no version released for Windows so we cant directly download Fring to our PC / Laptop. We have an android PC Emulator called Bluestacks through which we can download the Fring app and can use on our PC and Laptop. Bluestacks Android PC Emulator makes us use of all android app on your windows.Here are some few steps how to download Fring on PC / Laptop
fring for pc

  • Firstly download the Bluestacks Android PC Emulator
  • Search for Fring and click Intsall
  • Bluestacks will Download and Install Fring on you PC / Laptop
  • Then you can select Fring on your My App in the Bluestacks
  • Then open it register with your number.
  • That’s it Fring Free Calls, Video & Text can be used on windows now
Fring for Android Free Download
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