Android L Review, Features, Design – Android 4.5

Android l Lollipop : How many of you able to enjoy Android’s latest software Lollipop, as now appears on the newly released Nexus 9. Version 5.0 of Android  Lollipop’s playful, animation-rich aesthetic, which Google calls “material design,” feels fresh and alive, with an internal logic that should mean both longtime and new Android users can get accustomed to their new surroundings quickly.

Android L Lollipop Design

Material Design isn’t the only reason we love Android 5.0. There are new security enhancements, lock screen notifications, a Priority Mode for notifications, revamped quick settings menu and much more. It’s a big, exciting update, one that we can’t wait to see rolled out to more devices. As of now you’ll be able to experience Lollipop’s goodness on the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, but other Nexus devices will get the update soon. Google’s decision to make interfaces like the notification tray more lightweight with gaps between light-coloured panels, buttons and other elements succeeds in making Android 5.0 feel like a dramatic leap forward in the evolution of mobile software. app drawer minimization animation returns to the new circular icon on the home screen also help to elevate the experience of using Android overall.

Android L Lollipop User Interface

The new software comes with new features like Navigation keys at the bottom now look more like buttons on a PlayStation controller a sideways triangle for the back button, a circle for home and a square for the new multitasking menu. Android Lollipop’s new keyboard design is refreshed along with the app drawer and notification tray, adopting a dark text on white background look, without any visual market separating the space between keys. This has the effect of mimicking a printed page more effectively, which is one of the main themes of material design, and it also seems to make for better typing on a large screen. The keys seem to result in fewer missed hits, which is due perhaps to the fact that they don’t have gaps between them any longer, or to the increased clarity of the visually spare field of the overall composition.

Android Lollipop represents a complete change in tone for Google’s mobile software: from heavy-handed, almost PC-like user interfaces to a light and airy feel that actually seems at time to be mood improving. It’s true that Google has been hinting at many of the things it’s doing in Android 5.0 for a while now with iterations on its individual apps, but seeing everything come together at the system level really produces a cumulative effect that feels dramatically different.
Android L Review, Features, Design – Android 4.5
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Angry Birds Stella Download for PC – Android Game


Angry Birds Stella is the second spin-off from the series of Angry Birds. It is a puzzle video game developed by Ravio Entertainment.Angry Birds Stella was released on the open market on Feb 13, 2014. Here the Stella with here super powers quest to protect the Golden island from the Bad greedy princess.It has total of 120 levels with amazing superpowers and interesting levels. Here Dahlia ,Poppy ,Luca and Willow are teamed with Stella- can see the new look on the block. This best friends as fearless pals with the strong bond between fight for victory. In this series of Angry Birds Stella all this fearless pals fight together to save there island from Gale Bad princess who in past have stolen their scrapbook and destroyed their magical home. Angry Birds Stella have came with many features and entertainment. Here the Pals birds have got Kick-ass superpower which is an awesome power to defeat Gale.

angry bird stella


  • New Kick-ass superpower -tap and hold to attack the targets
  • Angry Birds Stella has more than 120 levels through the treetops of golden island
  • With all pals bird together to stop the bad princess
  • Get more points to level up with stars
  • Six fun birds with unique personalities.
  • Should complete the scrapbook by collecting pics and wacky outfits

angry bird stella android

Download Angry Birds Stella for Android:

Angry Birds Stella is an amazing well entertainment game.Angry bird series have came with much interesting game.This has became an routine to play this Angry Bird.Angry Birds Stella is the most played game in the smartphones.We have got and developed version for our Android smartphone.User can directly download Angry Birds Stella from Google Play store. Here we going to show you the steps to Download Angry Birds Stella for Android smartphones.

angry bird stella for pc

  • Firstly go to Google Play store and search for Angry Birds Stella
  • Click instal on Angry Birds Stella from this download link
  • Google play will then connect with your gmail and download Angry Birds Stella on your device
  • After completing the installation process, you will then icon game in your Apps
  • Open the Angry Birds Stella from your Apps and start enjoying it

Download Angry Birds Stella for IOS:

The Golden Stella game is an amazing game on your device.We have got an developed version for iPad and iPhone. You have Stella with his six different pal birds who fought together to defeat the bad princess Gale. As the levels increases the interest towards the angry Bird increases.Angry Birds Stella is an improved version of the previous Angry Bird series. So, here we are going to show you how to download Angry Birds Stella on your IOS device

angry bird stella download

  • Go to iTunes and search for Angry Birds Stella
  • click install on Angry Birds Stella from this download link
  • Then iTunes will download the Angry Birds Stella on your IOS device
  • Now, you will have a Icon of Angry Birds Stella on your Apps
  • That’s it open Angry Birds Stella and start playing

Download Angry Birds Stella for Windows:

Angry Birds Stella playing this amazing Angry Bird on our PC is an interesting thing.We don’t have an version to download Angry Birds Stella on our windows but using with an interface known as Bluestacks Android PC Emulator we can now play the Angry Bird on our Windows.Bluestacks is an amazing software download on your Windows through we can play the Android games on our Windows devices.Here are the steps to download Angry Birds Stella on windows

angry bird stella android game

  • Firstly Download Bluestacks
  • Now search for Angry Birds Stella on your Windows
  • Then click instal on Angry Birds Stella then Bluestacks will download the game on Windows
  • After completing the installing process, Angry Birds Stella will be saved on your My Apps of Bluestacks
  • So, open Angry Birds Stella from My Apps of Bluestacks and start enjoying
Angry Birds Stella Download for PC – Android Game
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Download UC Browser for PC (Windows 7/8) Computer free

As we all know, entry of smartphones had revolutionary impact on mobile users because they have almost all functions that of a computer including use of internet also. Being a smartphone user if you are in search of a best browser for your mobile which is light and fast, then you are at right place to get your dream UC Browser of your expectation and also UC Browser for PC or computer.

          UC Browser is one of the most popular web browser for mobile phones available in the market. If you want to enjoy this famous browser in your windows computer then here is a guide on UC Browser for PC. Guys i will let you know about features of UC Browser for PC to know all about its smart functions . So friends after knowing features be ready to get Download UC Browser on PC.
     High speed and data saving quality are the key features of UC Browser. More than 400 million users proves it popularity among the mobile internet users. UC Browser for PC gives you stunning fast downloading without any interruption even in weak network conditions. You can also enjoy multiple files downloads at the same time using the UC Browser for PC.

Features of UC Browser for PC

Before giving you process of How to Download UC Browser for PC, first i want to share its important features & reviews that will give you a clear cut idea for why people are considering it as one of the best choice for internet browser.

The browser uses high-end compression technique to save your data to let you enjoy internet with low cost. It can also create a photo collage of all the images of a webpage. Its built in theme allows you to decorate your browser as per your choice. It works well on 3G and WiFi net works.

It has very clean & simple UI, so, there is no need to read any additional user guide to learn how to use this web browser in mobile or PC. It works great even in 2G network and provide you a better user experience in surfing and downloading.

It is available for almost all mobile OS like Android, Symbian etc. and I’m sure once you start using it you’ll surely gonna like it. It is available for free download and use that means there is no need to pay any fee for it and you can use it without any hassles.

How to Download UC Browser for PC

Here is the method to get Download UC Browser for PC. As this browser is not officially available for PC, so, you can’t download it directly & you need a supportive Android emulator software called BlueStacks app player.

This app player is genuine and adopted by millions of users worldwide for downloading and playing Android apps on their PC or computer. Hence, Follow these given steps properly to get the browser of your choice. Be sure that your computer has latest version of graphic drivers otherwise this method will not work properly.

  • First of all download BlueStacks Offline Installer.
  • Then install it similarly to the other software in the system.
  • Now use search tool of BlueStacks to find out UC Browser on Google Play Store.
  • Once you find this app in the search results, download and install it.
This is all to do for getting the UC Browser for PC. i hope this post is useful for you & if yes don’t forget to share it on social sites with your friends to let them know about this tutorial.

UC Browser for PC by Alternative Method

You can also get UC Browser for PC by this alternate method, in this method you need to download .EXE file of UC browser and double click to launch.

Download BBM for PC

That’s all in the story of UC Browser for PC and now you can run it on your windows 7/8/xp computer very easily. We hope you won’t find any error during Downloading UC Browser for PC or computer free. Share this tutorial with your friends to let them know about UC Browser for PC.

Download UC Browser for PC (Windows 7/8) Computer free
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Download Quick Time for PC Laptop [ Windows 8.1,7,XP & MAC ]


Hi everyone, if you are looking to know how to download the Quick Time for your PC of Windows 7 or 8. Then you are at right place. You can read this article completely too easily install the quick time for your PC or Laptop. Simply follow the below given steps.

 Quick Time for PC : Quick time is a best known music player developed by Apple. This multimedia player will allows you to watch any type of formats like audio, digital videos and prospect images. Now it is available for PC as well as laptops for any type of Windows and Mac OS, it will supports to Windows operating systems like Windows 7 Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows Vista/XP. Let us see how to install Quick Player in simple steps.


 Install Quick Time for PC :

To install this multimedia player in few minutes. Just follow the below given steps clearly. It is having update feature also. So that you can use new plugins.

  • First visit the official website to download the .exe file. You can see the below images. Here is the direct link to download your Quick Time for your system.
  • Download the software just by clicking “Download Now”. There is an option to choose receive news letters from Apple. But this is not a mandatory step in downloading the software.
  • After completion of the downloading of the file. It is better to restart your system. After restarting your system, Run it and execute it.
  • Now the installation process will starts and wait for 1-2 minutes to complete its action.
  • Now open the Quick Time which is installed in your system. Now the files which are named as .MOV in your system will be automatically loaded into Quick Time. If want to open any file automatically it will be loaded into the Quick Time. You can open this file using shortcut saved on your desktop or also by using windows search.

This is how you can install the Quick Time in your PC or Laptop. If found any errors in downloading or installing, just update your antivirus. It will make it work properly.

If you found any trouble while following these steps, follow these steps to escape from that situation.

  • Log In into your PC as Administrator.
  • Install new updates in your system.
  • Sometimes it is better to disable your Antivirus software until the completion of the installation.

Easy steps to install Quick Time for PC MAC OS :

Almost all the Mac users have to upgrade with the Quick Time. It has many versions like Quick Time X and Quick Time 7. As per the users talk Quick Time X is not working properly. Users are not satisfied with the Quick Time X. It is due to the media playback issues.

Installing this Quick Time 7 is the best thing you want to do, Because it will allows you to play any type of videos. The things which you cannot see in another software’s can be seen here without any issues. You can watch videos in Mac simply by converting your videos into MOV Quick Time, Which will allows you to play videos in Pac and any of the i-devices.

Here you can check the simple steps to install the Quick Time in your Mac.

  • Just download the Quick Time .exe file from the link given below.
  • After downloading the Quick Time player, Just run it.
  • After completion of the installation, Open the installed file. And start browsing the videos!

This is how Quick Time can be installed in your Mac. If you face any problems in installation or Downloading the files. Please inform us by commenting below. We will resolve your problems within less time. Stay update with us to know more about new software’s.

Download Quick Time for PC Laptop [ Windows 8.1,7,XP & MAC ]
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Easy Android App to Solves Math Problems

PhotoMath the world’s first camera calculator is a free mobile app that can read and solve maths problems. PhotoMath is now available for IOS and Windows devices. It won’t launch onto Android until sometime in 2015. Kids and adults of all ages who are terrified by maths, install this app and it will helps you quickly and accurately get over calculations.

By using the smart phone’s camera, take a picture of a printed equation just point your camera at the problem, then PhotoMath will solve it instantly on the display. Not only does it show you the answer, but you can have the app display exactly how it got to the answer, breaking down the steps it takes to solve it. So, in some way, at least it can be a teaching tool with that feature.
This app, developed by london-based firm MicroBlink. But now it is only available for to be used for iphone,ipod and windows users.
Easy Android App to Solves Math Problems
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