Fixed! Showbox Captcha and VK Sign-up Error Solving Guide

Showbox is an app where you can watch free online videos, movies and TV shows in free of cost and you can now download it in your Android device easily and start experiencing the most trending videos and movies. Showbox has a very vast collection of movies in its content and you can avail to all the newly updated movies, videos and TV shows in this app. Thus, you can now watch your favorite movies by just typing the title of your best movie in the Showbox.

Showbox app has the best collection of movies and videos which are frequently updated and you will find all genres of movies in its content. So, you no longer need to turn your TV remote button to watch your favorite TV shows. Some of the best alternatives of Showbox are HD Cinema, Popcorn Time, MovieBox, Sky HD App, PlayBox and many more. However, something has gone wrong with the app and you need to get it fixed for using this app.

Showbox Not Working – Show Box Not Loading – Fixed

Showbox not Working

What are the problems occurred in the Showbox app?

Showbox have been working amazing and it is one of the most widely used as a free movie streaming sites however, very recently after its updates it is found that the users are facing some errors. Some of the problems are like Showbox error, Showbox suddenly stopped working, Showbox not playing, Showbox movies not working on Google Chrome Cast, App Frequently Crashing, Showbox connection error, Showbox not casting and many more.

The Showbox stops working sometimes:

Showbox is an amazing movie streaming sites and downloader which have the best User Interface and highly designed contents.The Showbox was working amazing for all platforms such as Android, MAC, PC and Blackberry but very recently the problem started annoying the users.

Problem in the server showing Update popup:

Whenever you access to the app and try opening any movie you will find that before the file gets open a notification will appear in your screen recommending you to update the app. Though this is not a big problem and you can easily deal with this problem as well following the steps that I will be mentioning below.

How to fix the Update Showbox Not Working app problem?

For fixing the update problem of the app I can recommend you to install the latest version of Showbox and replacing with the old version. So, you can do the installation of updated version of Showbox by following the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all open Bluestacks on your PC and make a search by typing Showbox latest version Apk.
  • Now, you will get the relevant app and find Showbox Not Working and type hit the download button.
  • After it get downloaded transfer it on your Android Smartphone with the help of data cable.
  • Now open your SD card and open the file and hit Install button.
  • After it gets downloaded completely you can get the Showbox app in your app drawer.

 How to clear the Cache causing error?

Showbox is no doubt a superfast movie streaming site which has been working efficiently for the last few years but the problem is occurring very recently. However, one such problem that is disturbing the users is the cache errors which take place when you navigate on the app for long time. This cache error issue might result in app crash and it might show as app not working or server not found.

To fix the Cache cause error problem you can go with the following steps:

  • First of all go to the device “Setting” and Hit the “General” option.
  • Now, you will find the “Application Manager” button, tab it and scroll to find “All Application or All”
  • Search the “Showbox” app from the list and select it.
  • Tap the “Clear Data” along with the “Clear Cache” button and you successfully fix this issue.

How to fix the ChromeCast or Showbox Not Working Casting problem?

It is always awesome to watch movies and videos in a bigger screen and it is lots of fun too especially when you are with your family watching together. Showbox was delivering you with such facility to watch your best movies in a bigger screen with the help of ChromeCast but it is found that recently the ChromeCast stops working. For fixing this problem you can follow the steps mention below:

  • First of all find the Reboot option which is within the ChromeCast device and start Rebooting the ChromeCast.
  • You can now go to your device “Settings” and find “App Manager” in the settings.
  • Now tap the “App Manager” where you will find one option named as “Avia App”, just select it and clear the entire data.
  • You can now easily reboot your android device and wait till its completion.
  • Finally return to Home and Open the Showbox App and try the ChromeCast once again.

How to fix the Showbox Not Working Suddenly Stopped Issue?

It is a great irritating issue that some pop comes and disturb showing Showbox suddenly stopped working when you are watching your favorite movies on Showbox. However, it is natural to get irritated when you see this annoying popcorn and you don’t know how to fix this problem. Chill may friends because I am giving you the best solutions now to fix this problem which is as follows:

  • First of all go to your device “Settings” and Click on the “General Settings Option”
  • Now, under this General Settings you will find the “Application Manager”, just hit it.
  • You will now find an “All Applications” option which is installed earlier by you.
  • Now make a search for Showbox app in this All Applications.
  • Now clear all the unwanted notifications, Clear data problems, clear cache problems all in one shot.
  • Restart your Smartphone and reopen the Showbox app newly.


Thus, my dear friends you are now clear I hope regarding how to fix the entire problems that is occurring in your Showbox app right now. I wish you will able to handle these kinds of problems on your own from now. Finally, enjoy your favorite movies streaming sites Showbox and keep watching your favorite movies and programs.

Fixed! Showbox Captcha and VK Sign-up Error Solving Guide
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